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Term of Services

Term of Service 

Male Escort Bangkok

Bangkok is a bustling city that welcomes people from every corner of the world. It has something to offer everybody. Women or couples who are looking for male escorts during their trip to Bangkok have reached the right address as we provide most handsome and smart male companions for you. 
While you fulfill your desire, we have the specific policy that must be adhered by our clients. We do everything to maintain your dignity and expect the same from you. We value our clients as it is your patronage for which we are here.  We have the following terms of service to provide you the best services. 

Maintenance of confidentiality

We understand how vital secrecy is in the adult entertainment world. For this, we maintain every data that comes our way in regards to you, our clients and even our escorts. Our male escorts are the top model, and thus we expect that you too will maintain secrecy about any details that you find about our male escorts. 

Make the booking in advance

Thanks to different clients like you, we are always busy serving clients. Thus, to provide you with the best male escorts of your choice we request you to make the booking at least before 24 hours kindly. It helps us giving you proper information and provide you the escort of your choice. 
Our men already have the busy schedule, so when you book in advance, they can accommodate you in the best way.  

We share information on WhatsApp

We understand that you are not getting to us to get a blind date! We provide you pictures of our escorts who will be attending you by WhatsApp. You can know their name and also how they look. You can choose escorts as per your choice by checking out their profile. 
We also want to ensure your security and hence when our escorts meet you can verify them with the pictures send by us. 

One shot booking is of two hours, and the rest depends upon you and escort

The first booking that you make with us is of two hours. Our escorts will attend you for that. If you want to extend the period, you can discuss with him once he is there with you. 
However, in case you want to book travel escorts or escorts for more than one day, you should be specific about that while booking with us. 

We do not take any advance deposit from you!

We believe that our clients will pay only after they meet their escorts. Thus, while you book any male companion, you do not have to spend a penny. It is upon mutual trust. Once the escort meets you, and you are satisfied with them to make the payment directly to them. You do not have to worry that your money may get wasted or after you give advance no escort will turn up! 

Cancellation policy

We are here to provide the best service to our clients and do not want to get into conflict with them for many reasons. Thus, we have the clear cancellation policy. 
If you are not satisfied with the male escort who is attending, you can cancel the date. However, if there is an issue on your part and you have to cancel the appointment after fixation, we will charge you a minimum amount to compensate our escorts who have prepared themselves for this meeting. 
These policies are there because we want to protect the right of both our clients and escorts. There are many whimsical clients for whom our escorts have faced problems. We expect you to be the decent client who will abide by all policies regarding booking escorts from us. 

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