Confidentiality Terms and Policies of European Male Escort Service Provider in Bangkok

When you meet with our male escorts, you expect to spend a thrilling time, but along with that you also assume that your privacy is maintained. Thus, at our end, we want to ensure our clients and our escorts that we follow the below confidentiality terms and policies so that while you date with each other, you are free of any tension. 

Loyalty is our main motto

We are in the business of adult entertainment and understand how much essential secrecy and privacy is for you and our escorts. We have detailed information about our clients as well as our companions but maintaining loyalty to our business we do not disclose any information to any third party apart from the client and the escort who will be dating each other. 
We will communicate with our clients about the details of the escorts, but this team who are interacting with clients and escorts are under oath that they will not share any information with anybody else. No critical information will ever be leaked from our people.

We maintain confidentiality regarding your contact details

To get services from our male escorts you have to contact us, and for that, we have provided the WhatsApp number. We get contact information from our clients, but we keep these numbers secrets from any third party. To maintain this secrecy we do not have any third person in between while you book any escorts from us. You can directly visit our website and book the escorts by sending a message to WhatsApp. We ensure that your contact details, payment details or any other information will be maintained strictly. 

Non-disclosure of personal details

To maintain the personal information you provide us we make sure that we do not let the escorts even know much about you. We let them know about the place they have to visit and the timings. They know your name, and that’s it. We believe in non-disclosure of personal details, and for that, we keep everything under surveillance. Any data about our clients that come our way and of top importance to us. We do not share anything with others and also share the bare minimum required with our escorts. We must keep your information private, and we are doing that for years for different clients whom we have served. 

Escort personal information is also important

Most of the male escorts who work for us are the key people with whom you can serve our clients better. Thus, it is vital for us to maintain their information as well. We are abided by the professional ethics that makes us retain the personal details of every escort properly. We share only the required information with our clients. 

Upon meeting each other if our clients and the escorts come to know about any personal information about each other we expect that both will respect each additional privacy and do not make the information they have gathered public. 
We are in the endeavor of providing the best services to our clients and give our escorts the confidence that they are secure while working with us. Thus, we follow the above policies regarding maintenance of confidentiality and expect the same from our escorts as well as clients.